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How Long Are Video Designs Presented by Instagram?

Instagram is testing new features to make stories longer. These new features will also make it easier to mention other accounts and add a location. It is not yet clear when these changes will be made available to everyone. With video-sharing apps such as TikTok and Snapchat recently introducing a standalone creator app, Instagram is looking for ways to attract more video-creators. Download the free version of Instagram from the App Store.

The average attention span for an Instagram video is 8 seconds. That number is even lower in 2019 and it’s important to keep your brand message as short as possible. The longer a video is, the less impact it has on the brand’s message. Additionally, feed ads tend to lose viewers quickly in the beginning, but more slowly during the middle. With these changes, Instagram is trying to improve the quality of the videos it presents to users.

Instagram has introduced a new feature for their Stories platform. It allows users to post photos and short videos. These videos last for 24 hours, but they’re a bit short. Now the social network wants to increase the maximum length of its videos to 60 seconds. That means that brands can finally compete with TikTok and Snapchat. The change is being rolled out to the public and users in Turkey have been notified of it. As of today, you can post a video up to 60 seconds without breaking it into multiple parts.

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