Why Vehicle Immobilizer Is The Best Security Framework

If you are wondering why vehicle immobilizer is the best security framework, consider the following: it prevents unauthorized access to your car. A car’s immobilizer has a transponder inside the ignition key that attempts to communicate with the receiver in the car. When the key receives a signal, it transmits it to the immobilizer, which then sends a command to the engine control unit to stop the car from starting. The driver must have the correct signal in order to start the vehicle.

In the final decades of the 20th century, immobilizers proliferated across the world. In the early nineties, the EU became the first country to make immobilizers mandatory. Other countries began to follow suit. While the immobilizers significantly reduced auto theft, they did not completely eradicate it. In fact, the threat of auto theft increased, as more cars were being stolen.

Once immobilizers became mainstream, car theft continued to increase. The immobilizers were easy to disable and tricked by thieves, and car theft continued to drop. Moreover, the most stolen cars were the expensive luxury brands. This caused cybersecurity researchers to focus their efforts on these cars, but to no avail. They have now deemed the immobilizer as the best security framework for cars.

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